Workforce Management Function

The Workforce Management function (for digital) supports the HR Management aspects within the digital delivery model. The Workforce Management function is part of the overall Workforce Management function within an organization.

In a digital ecosystem it is important to support employees in their career, providing coaching and training, as well ensuring the resource portfolio, skills, and competencies are aligned with the strategic direction. This function defines the functional components and data objects which need to be integrated with the digital delivery model.

This includes, for example:

  • Onboarding and off-boarding employees

  • Maintaining team administration (defining the teams and related Digital Products)

  • Supporting Product Portfolio Managers and product owners with resource planning, and allocating resources to teams

  • Monitoring and evaluating employee satisfaction

  • Maintaining a competency and skills framework

  • Defining job profiles and their associated roles and responsibilities within the Digital Value Network (such as the Digital Product Manager)

  • Supporting employees with HR-related questions and issues

  • Supporting employees in their career, providing coaching and training

  • Identifying and planning training associated with the introduction of new (or modified) Digital Products

Examples of the information part of this function are:

  • Employee (including external contractors) linked to an Identity in the Identity functional component

  • Job profile and associated roles (linked to the employee and the Identity functional component)

  • Team (e.g., DevOps or support teams) related to the Digital Products (and linked to the Identity functional component) for access management

  • Resource allocation of employees to teams