Strategic Objective Data Object


The Strategic Objective data object defines specific actionable goals and measurable outcomes for identified stakeholders and should be related to/or provide key results for the business case.

Key Attributes

The Strategic Objective data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier; e.g., number of the Strategic Objective

  • Name: descriptive name of the Strategic Objective

  • Description: description/details of the Strategic Objective

Key Data Object Relationships

  • Strategic Objective to Strategic Theme (n:m): a Strategic Objective defines details of Strategic Themes; in some instances a given objective will deliver on several themes

  • Strategic Objective to Portfolio Backlog Item (n:m): a Portfolio Backlog Item can be part of delivering a Strategic Objective and thus this relation can indicate the importance of a Portfolio Backlog Item as well as indicating how an objective is to be delivered

  • Strategic Objectives to Architecture Roadmap Item (n:m): define what activities will deliver a given objective