Monitoring Functional Component

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Figure 1. Monitoring Functional Component Model


The Monitoring functional component is in charge of creating, running, and managing monitors which measure all aspects/layers of a service such as infrastructure (system and network), application, and security. It is also used to monitor aspects of service usage and Service Contracts. The results of monitoring are often captured in logs which can be referenced by other components. The collected data may trigger an Event. Monitoring can perform anomaly detection or detect certain patterns to predictively detect issues.

It is in charge of storing all measurement results and calculating compound measurements. ML and AI can be used to collect operational data used to predict certain service conditions or service degradation. The creation of the monitor definitions are done earlier in the product lifecycle in the Integrate value stream and are delivered to the Monitoring functional component by the Fulfillment Orchestration functional component. The Monitoring functional component also provides feedback on all aspects of the Digital Product and passes that information to the Evaluate, Explore, and Integrate value streams.

The Monitoring functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Monitoring functional component:

  • Shall be the system of record for all Service Monitors

  • Shall monitor all aspects of an Actual Product Instance

  • Shall store all of the results of the measurements being made on the Actual Product Instance

  • Shall calculate the results of compound Service Monitors from one or more simple measurements

  • Shall manage the lifecycle of the Service Monitor

  • Shall create, run, and manage monitors that measure all aspects/layers of an Actual Product Instance, including:

    • Shall monitor infrastructure (system and network)

    • Shall monitor applications

    • Shall monitor security

    • Shall monitor Product Instances

    • May monitor customer experience

    • May monitor service-level attainment or breach for the Service Level functional component

    • May monitor usage for the Usage functional component

    • May monitor service status for the Consumption Experience functional component

  • May receive Service Monitor definitions from the Fulfillment Orchestration functional component