Product Release Data Object


The Product Release data object represents a candidate or actual release of the Digital Product. A release relates to a single Product Design. It represents a version of the Digital Product with all associated documentation and artifacts required to fully support the product, including, for example, release notes, user guides, training materials, updated Knowledge Items, etc. It must contain a set of features that are sufficient to produce an outcome aligned to the value expectations of the Digital Product.

Key Attributes

The Product Release data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier of the Product Release

  • Name: meaningful name of the Product Release

  • Description: description of the Product Release

  • Status: lifecycle status of the Product Release

  • Version: version of the Product Release

  • Tags: a Product Release can have one or more tags to further categorize and classify the release

  • Deployment Model: a representation of the deployable service components and their various configuration options

  • Actual Spend: actual spend for the development of a Product Release

Key Data Object Relationships

The Product Release data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Product Design to Product Release (1:n): a Product Design can lead to the creation of one or more Product Releases in order to deliver the required service outcomes

  • Product Backlog Item to Product Release (n:1): a Product Backlog Item represents the changes and work performed on a specific Product Release; a Product Backlog Item should be decomposed into sub-product items which can be fulfilled within one release

  • Product Release to Product Release Blueprint (n:1): each Product Release has one associated Product Release Blueprint

  • Product Release to Defect (n:m): identified Defects (in the form of Problems/known errors) associated with the Product Release

  • Product Release to Desired Product Instance (1:n): one Product Release can be translated to one or more Desired Product Instance(s)

  • Product Release to Product Release (n:m): a Product Release is dependent on other products being available in a particular version