Defect Data Object


The Defect data object records an issue with the Product Release that should be remediated to fulfill the associated Requirements or designated as a Known Error, including unfulfilled nonfunctional requirements mandated by policy even if they were omitted from the formal requirements process. In this case defect management should include updating any missing product requirements and design.

Key Attributes

The Defect data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier of the Defect

  • Title: short description of the main issue discovered

  • Description: description of the Defect

  • Status: status of the Defect

Key Data Object Relationships

The Defect data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Defect to Test Case (n:1): a Defect can be associated with the Test Case that detected the Defect

  • Defect to Product Release (n:m): a Defect can be associated with one or more Product Releases

  • Problem to Defect (1:n): a Problem (or known error) may be the source for submitting one or more Defects (or updating existing ones)

  • Defect to Product Backlog Item (1:n): a Defect is added to the Product Backlog as a Product Backlog Item (for fixing the Defect)

  • Defect to Requirement (n:m): a Defect can be associated with one or more Requirements