Data-Driven Opportunities and Concerns

Data, both generated by and used within a Digital Product, presents unique opportunities and advantages, as well as risks if improperly managed. Data can be collected from a wide range of sources to include the consumer, external sources, automatic capture through embedded sensors, or related Digital Products in complex systems. Insights for the consumer or Product Manager can be generated as data is analyzed to provide reports and recommendations, and to take proactive action.

For effective full lifecycle management, policies and controls should be put in place to ensure the information created in the design, creation, management, and support of the Digital Product, and operational support of systems deployed to support Digital Product Instances remain available for a much longer period than is typical in a project-oriented investment model.

Data governance must be effectively applied across the full lifecycle of the product, including data retention management and compliance with privacy and other applicable policies.

The design, planning, source code, and other information created to define and manage the system should be retained for future planning and support purposes. Without this, it is impossible for the Product Manager to track technical, operational, and financial aspects of the Digital Product over time.