Service Offer Data Object


The Service Offer data object defines how a Service Offer template will be instantiated and under what terms and conditions – price, deployment, approval, workflow, service level (contract), etc.

Key Attributes

The Service Offer data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier for every Service Offer in the catalog

  • Catalog Id: identify in which catalog this Service Offer is available (from the Service Offer Catalog)

  • Name: description of the Service Offer for consumers to identify/search Offers

  • Start Date: date/time on which the Service Offer may be consumed

  • Expiry Date: date/time on which the Service Offer is no longer available

  • Status: indicates if the Service Offer is ready for consumption (e.g., draft, published, retired, etc.)

  • Price: if applicable, the pricing information on the service, including the type of Subscription

  • Required Value: mandatory options or variables linked to the service which need to be provided by the consumer to prevent issues during the fulfillment; (some of) these options or variables might not be selectable for customers but are pre-filled by the Offer itself upon creation of the Offer

Key Data Object Relationships

The Offer data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Service Offer to Product Release Blueprint (n:1): each Service Offer is based upon the definition of one Product Release Blueprint

  • Service Offer to Order (1:n): provides Service Offer details that will help to manage Orders

  • Service Offer to Subscription (n:m): Service Offer obtains contract-related terms and conditions (pricing, service levels, etc.) from Subscription

  • Service Offer to Entitlement (1:n): determines what a consumer (human or machine) is entitled to order

  • Service Offer to Interaction (n:1): makes Service Offers available to consumers through the Consumer Experience functional component

  • Service Offer to Service Offer (n:m): Service Offers can be built and defined as a collection of more fine-grained service components or service actions