Fulfillment Book Data Object


The Fulfillment Book data object is a Runbook for the fulfillment of individual Resources as part of the Fulfillment Orchestration functional component. The plan can either be an automated template or/and manual process description.

Key Attributes

The Fulfillment Book data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier for the Fulfillment Book record

  • Category: helps in associating the Fulfillment Book to the Desired Product Instance

  • Description: description of the Fulfillment Book

  • Execution Time: date/time when the Fulfillment Book was created

Key Data Object Relationships

The Fulfillment Book data object shall maintain the following relationship:

  • Desired Product Instance to Fulfillment Book (m:n): every Desired Product Instance will have one or more fulfillment plans