Build Package Data Object


The Build Package data object represents a collection of build artifacts (components) packaged into a deployable unit. The Build Packages are securely stored in a build/artifact repository.

Key Attributes

The Build Package data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier of the Build Package

  • Name: meaningful name of the Build Package

  • Description: short description of the Build Package

  • Type: define the Build Package type; e.g., container image

  • Status: lifecycle status of the Build Package

  • Compliance Status: compliance status of the Build Packages (and their components)

  • Version: version of the Build Package

  • Tags and Metadata: a build can have one or more tags (or properties) to provide additional metadata

Key Data Object Relationships

The Build Package data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Source to Build Package (n:m): Source can be built multiple times to create several build versions

  • Build Package to Test Plan (n:m): one or many Build Packages can be related to one or many Test Plans used as part of the build creation (e.g., perform security and vulnerability scanning on the new or modified Build Packages)

  • Build Package to Product Release Blueprint (n:m): multiple Build Packages, which represent the deployable units or components, can be assembled into a Product Release Blueprint which is used for the deployment of the Product Release into the different environments

  • Build Package to Pipeline (n:1): a Build Package is associated with the Pipeline through which the Build Package is created (or modified)

  • Build Package to Build Package (n:m): a Build Package can have dependencies with other Build Packages (or components)