The Digital Value Network

A traditional model for defining factories is Porter’s Value Chain concept [Porter]. This revision of the IT4IT Standard breaks with the Value Chain model and moves to the more recent concept of the Value Network. This reflects that value creation is a complex interaction within many systems and organizations.

In The IT4IT Supporting Capabilities, it is recognized that in addition to the core value stream for managing digital, a complex interaction with a number of supporting capabilities in an enterprise is needed. These functions are not at the heart of the IT4IT Standard, as other standards and frameworks have these functions and capabilities as a focal point.

L0 A1 diagram
Figure 1. The IT4IT Supporting Capabilities

The Value Network is further defined through the interaction of the Digital Product with customers, business partners, vendors, as well as government and regulatory entities. The Digital Product is creating value for its consumers. The business partners and service providers can both provide resources for delivering Digital Products as well as creating their own value using the Digital Products delivered through the IT4IT Standard. As you develop Digital Products you must comply with government and regulatory rules and thus participate in the value creation of society; see The IT4IT Value Network Interactions.

L0 A2 diagram
Figure 2. The IT4IT Value Network Interactions