Fulfillment Functional Component

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Figure 1. Fulfillment Functional Component Model


The Fulfillment functional component ensures that fulfillment activities are documented and automated for the resources that support the Digital Product Instance. Such activity items may include provisioning, deploying, modifying, actions (i.e., start, stop, etc.), decommissioning, and so on. This manages the routine deployment and configuration activities into automated/semi-automated Fulfillment Book. The automated/semi-automated fulfillment scripts are often included in the release package. The Fulfillment functional component may receive these deployment scripts from Release Composition functional component for the product deployment.

The Fulfillment functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Fulfillment functional component:

  • Shall ensure the fulfillment activities are standardized, automated, or, if manually executed, well-documented for the resources that support the Digital Product Instance

  • Shall ensure that the automated Runbooks are updated with routine deployment and configuration activities including but not limited to building and deploying resources, configuring VMs, decommissioning VMs, configuring platforms, etc.

  • Shall monitor that the Fulfillment Books are being executed as per the designed specification

  • Can allow the Fulfillment Orchestration functional component to trigger automated Fulfillment Books for deploying or configuring resources underpinning a digital service in order to fulfill a service order