Requirement Data Object


The Requirement data object records which functionality or non-functional conditions to meet for a product.

Key Attributes

The Requirement data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier of a given Requirement

  • Name: short description/title of a given Requirement

  • Description: represents the more detailed description and statements of a given Requirement

  • Purpose: purpose of the Requirement

  • Type: identifies the category of a Requirement, such as functional, security, compliance, data privacy, service level, performance, and availability

  • Status: status of the Requirement

  • Reference: reference to the related authoritative sources such as Policies, regulatory requirements, security standards, etc.

  • Priority: the priority of a Requirement

  • Owner: person or team that owns the Requirement statement

  • Version: version of the Requirement specification

Key Data Object Relationships

The Requirement data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Product Backlog Item to Requirement (n:m): a Product Backlog Item is mapped to one or more Requirements (e.g., feature or user story) to track how the Requirement is fulfilled/realized

  • Requirement to Product Design (n:m): one or more Requirements will be used to define the required behavior from the Product Design

  • Requirement to Requirement (n:m): Requirements can be mapped to other Requirements (recursive and/or hierarchical)

  • Requirement to Test Case (1:n): a Requirement is traced to one or more Test Cases to ensure stated needs or conditions have been successfully delivered or met

  • Policy to Requirement (n:m): Requirements may be sourced from Policies or may reference Policies in order to remain in compliance with previously agreed Policies for an organization

  • Requirement to Portfolio Backlog Item (n:m): Requirements can be associated with one or more Portfolio Backlog Items

  • Requirement to Defect (n:m): a Defect can be associated with one or more Requirements