Offer Functional Component

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Figure 1. Offer Functional Component Model


The Offer functional component aggregates all published services, delivered both internally and also from external supplier catalogs, into consumable Service Offers that the user can order through the Consumption Experience functional component. It builds and publishes the various offerings into Service Offer Catalogs for populations to consume, and to determine prices and valid options that consumers can select. It enables Service Offers to be grouped into a single Service Offer Catalog to expose them as a collection of consumable items for a given group of consumers. It ensures all required information is captured for the fulfillment (deployment/delivery) of the service from the Offer template of the Release Composition functional component. It fulfills each Service Offer through numerous underlying Offer templates as determined by this functional component. The offerings typically include the approval mechanisms needed for their fulfillment.

Based on the risk profile of the service offer, it also defines whether the fulfillment is needed to be routed through the Change Management process or directly goes for the fulfillment.

For example, Service Offers such as User ID creation, access rights, laptop requests, etc. may lead to creating service Request Orders and such order requests shall be directed for fulfillment without the Change Management process. However, Service Offers such as server migration, application releases, etc. may lead to creating Change Orders that go through the Change Management process.

The Offer functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Offer functional component:

  • Shall contain all Offers available to consumers and provide this information to the Consumption Experience functional component

  • May create the Service Contract template and provide information to the Service Level functional component

  • Shall aggregate and provide a unified service catalog through the Consumption Experience functional component

  • Shall drive consumption through Service Offer Catalogs and help identify prices and options for selection

  • Shall enable the grouping of different Service Offers into a single consumption experience

  • Shall define whether the Service Offer be fulfilled as Request Order or Change Order