Problem Data Object


The Problem data object defines a Problem and manages the Problem lifecycle.

Key Attributes

The Problem data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier of the Problem

  • Title: title of the Problem

  • Category: aids in determining assignment and prioritization

  • Subcategory: second level of categorization, following the Category attribute

  • Description: description of the Problem

  • Status: current stage in the lifecycle of a Problem

  • Status Time: time stamp for the Status attribute

  • Assigned To: group or person that is assigned to fix the Problem

Key Data Object Relationships

The Problem data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Problem to Change (1:n): enables the relation of a Change record that is created when Problem resolution requires a Change

  • Problem to Portfolio Backlog Item (1:1): ensures a Portfolio Backlog Item is created for Problems requiring a future fundamental/big fix/enhancement to the Digital Product

  • Problem to Defect (1:n): enables the creation of Defects when emergency/specific fixes require development

  • Problem to Knowledge Item (n:m): enables the creation of known error(s) (Knowledge Items) when the root cause of a Problem is identified

  • Problem to Actual Product Instance (n:m): Problem records are mapped to the affected Actual Product Instance(s)

  • Incident to Problem (n:m): connection between Incidents that are converted to Problems to permanently address severe/repeating Incidents