Subscription Data Object


The Subscription data object represents the rights to access a service that has been provided to a consumer.

Key Attributes

The Subscription data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier for the Subscription

  • Status: provides a status update to consumers on the Order status at the Subscription level, such as WIP, RFI, completed, closed, etc.

  • Start Date: the date on which the Subscription was created

  • Expiry Date: the date on which the Subscription will end

Key Data Object Relationships

The Subscription data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Subscription to Service Offer (n:1): provides traceability between the Subscription and the Service Contract (via the Service Offer)

  • Subscription to Chargeback Contract (1:n): facilitates the various chargeback/showback calculations that are dependent on Subscription details such as its contract duration and service status

  • Subscription to Desired Product Instance (n:1): enables traceability between the consumer, their Subscription, and the Desired Product Instances; there can be multiple Subscriptions linked to a single Desired Product Instance

  • Subscription to Identity (n:1): associates an Identity as an owner of one or more Subscriptions to manage the Subscriptions

  • Subscription to Service Contract (1:1): sends the instances of Service Contracts to the Service Level functional component