Chargeback Contract Data Object


The Chargeback Contract data object details the contract for financial obligations between the service consumer and provider(s) as defined at the time of Subscription. The Chargeback Contract typically defines the billing rule and billing frequency used to price a given service and is often tightly linked to the Subscription.

Key Attributes

The Chargeback Contract data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier for the Chargeback Contract

  • Status: status of the contract (active, inactive, etc.)

  • Rule: pricing rule captured at the time of Subscription describes the method/formula for translating the usage into chargeback; this might be as simple as a product or as complex as an algorithm depending on the kind of service and granularity of chargeback/usage required to be captured

  • Frequency: charging frequency to the subscriber (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)

Key Data Object Relationships

The Chargeback Contract data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Chargeback Contract to Subscription (n:1): this relationship provides the traceability between the service rendered (represented by the Subscription) and the expected charges for those services (described in the Chargeback Contract)

  • Chargeback Contract to Chargeback Record (1:n): multiple billing records can be generated for a single Chargeback Contract as the Chargeback Record will be generated for each billing period