Resource Functional Component

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Figure 1. Resource Functional Component Model


The Resource functional component manages the pool of resources (a logical abstraction of digital assets) that support Desired Product Instances delivering digital services, such as infrastructure, applications, and third-party services. This also ensures that the resource requirements for the services and their underlying resources are well understood and provisioned efficiently.

The Resource functional component ensures the pooling of resources that may be virtual or physical (such as server, storage, networking, software licenses, IP address, etc.) are made available for the Order fulfillment. It maintains the soft limits or hard limits of resource pooling for digital resources(e.g., cloud resources) and acts appropriately when there is a breach of the limits. It also provides resource utilization details for Usage functional components to compute costs.

The Resource functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Resource functional component:

  • Shall manage the pool of Resources that support services, such as infrastructure, applications, and third-party services

  • Shall ensure that the digital Resource requirements against the services are ascertained

  • Shall ensure the availability of physical assets/virtual Resource pools for the Order fulfillment

  • Shall maintain the soft limits, hard limits, quotas, etc. of Resource pools for digital resources (e.g., cloud resources), and act appropriately when there is a breach of the limits

  • May provide capacity Resource utilization details to the Usage functional component for cost computation