Intelligence & Reporting Function

The Intelligence & Reporting function provides data management, analytics, and reporting to support the various functional components within the Digital Value Network.

A data-driven approach is needed to manage the new digital ecosystem, providing insight, transparency, and traceability for continuous improvement. This function provides a consolidated view of the data provided by the different functional components in the Digital Value Network. The context of the data is provided by the Digital Product Backbone.

The Intelligence & Reporting function typically leverages the company-wide data analytics and reporting functionality (such as data lake or reporting tools). However, for managing Digital Products, specific Intelligence & Reporting solutions need to be implemented and configured. The Intelligence & Reporting function for example the following sub-functions or features:

  • Define and manage key metrics and KPIs (such as those related to value, risk, cost, compliance, and user experience)

  • Publish a standard data catalog and associated definitions (and master data sources)

  • Define data governance and data ownership

  • Collect and consolidate data from the various functional components (e.g., into a data lake or operational data store)

  • Provide data analytics and reporting functionality

  • Support the various functional components in their reporting and analytics needs (e.g., service level reporting for the Service Contracts)

Examples of information managed by the Intelligence & Reporting function are:

  • Metrics and KPI

  • Reports (e.g., service level reports)