Order Functional Component

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Figure 1. Order Functional Component Model


The Order functional component rationalizes, breaks down, and routes “clean order” requests (ready for fulfillment) to appropriate Fulfillment Orchestration functional components in order to deliver services to consumers. This may involve breaking down a single order/request into multiple Fulfillment Orders/requests. It ensures appropriate fulfillment-related Subscription information is kept up-to-date, such as approval/rejections, modifications, cancelations, and so on. It enables the recording of patterns of service consumption that can be used to shape demand for new and/or improved services. The fulfillment status is tracked and completion notifications from the fulfillment channel(s) are received. Consumers will be able to receive status updates at the Subscription level. The Order functional component can receive the order from three different channels:

  • Consumer-initiated – the consumer may initiate a new Order using consumption experience communication channels such as chatbot, web application, or mobile applications

  • Machine-initiated – a machine (such as an API) can directly trigger an Order request to the Order functional component; for instance, provisioning of a new Virtual Machine (VM), provisioning for a user Id, allocating a software license, etc.

  • Pipeline-initiated – in this case, the Pipeline functional component will directly engage the Order functional component to order resources for the upkeep and running of the pipeline; for example, deploying a test instance infrastructure, deploying a test code, etc.

The Order functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Order functional component:

  • Shall provide information to the consumer on the fulfillment status

  • Shall provide Subscription information for the creation of the associated Chargeback Contract

  • Shall confirm that consumer access to the catalog items data are in line with defined entitlements and attached to user identities

  • Shall provide information on Order delivery times for SLA measurements

  • Shall break down the composite Order into the individual orders/requests that need to be fulfilled

  • Shall send the bound Offer template information from the Product Release package to the Change functional component in order to create the Change needed to deliver the Order fulfillment

  • Shall rationalize, break down, and route “clean order” requests (ready for fulfillment) to appropriate fulfillment orchestrators or providers in order to deliver services to consumers

  • Shall ensure the fulfillment-related subscription data is updated

  • Shall identify service consumption trends for effective demand analysis

  • Shall break the service order down into the appropriate fulfillment change request(s) and provide these to the Fulfillment Orchestration functional component via the Change functional component and create the Subscriptions for these services upon their successful fulfillment

  • Shall create a traceability for fulfillments through the fulfillment channel(s)

  • Should send the instances of the Service Contracts to the Service Level functional component if a Service Level functional component exists