Configuration Functional Component

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Figure 1. Configuration Functional Component Model


The Configuration functional component is focused on tracking the inventories of Actual Product Instances and the associated relationships of the underlying systems for the specific Digital Product. The Actual Product Instance represents the entire stack of resources and CIs including integrations and dependencies. In addition, this functional component tracks the relationship of an Actual Product Instance to other Digital Products – the Actual Product Instances needed to function, and the relationships between the underlying systems. Its purpose is to identify, control, record, report, audit, and verify service items; including versions, constituent components, their attributes, and relationships.

The Configuration functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Configuration functional component:

  • Shall be the system of record for all Actual Product Instances and their associated relationships

  • Shall manage the lifecycle of the Actual Product Instance

  • Shall create Actual Product Instance(s) and underlying system(s) based on the Desired Product Instance in the Fulfillment Orchestration functional component

  • Shall serve as the data store for the realization of the service in the production environment

  • Shall calculate and provide the change impact based on the proposed Change and the Actual Product Instance relationships

  • Shall calculate and provide the business impact of the Incident to help in the prioritization process

  • Shall calculate and provide the business impact of the Event to help in the prioritization process

  • May be populated by service discovery