Identity Data Object


The Identity data object identifies, authenticates, and authorizes individuals (machines and users) who are required to access the Consumption Experience engagement portal.

Key Attributes

The Identity data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier value for the Identity

  • Name: name of the Identity

  • Discriminator: indicates the Identity type (i.e., user, agent, group, or role) of the Identity

  • Location: location of an Identity assuming it is a person

  • Creation Date: creation date of the Identity

  • Expiry Date: expiry date of the Identity

  • Organization Id: organization (company) to which the Identity belongs

Key Data Object Relationships

The Identity data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Identity to Interaction (n:1): validates the Identity of the consumer and manages their access to the Consumption Experience portal

  • Identity to Order (1:n): validates access, Identity, and Entitlement for the consumer request that directly came to order

  • Identity to Entitlement (1:n): validates the consumer’s Entitlement to the Service Offer as per the attached Entitlement policy

  • Subscription to Identity (n:1): to make an Identity an owner of one or more Subscriptions to manage the Subscription(s)