Order Data Object


The Order data object represents the formal request for the creation of, modifications to, or deletion of user consumption of a Service Offer.

Key Attributes

The Order data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier for the Order (request)

  • Status: controls the status of the Fulfillment functional component

  • Date: date/time the Order was received

  • Latest Fulfill Date: maximum date/time by which the Order needs to be fulfilled

  • Actual Fulfill Date: date/time on which the Order is fulfilled

  • Required Value: based on the Offer, the user might need to provide values/options for a successful fulfillment (from Offer)

Key Data Object Relationships

The Order data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Order to Interaction (1:1): an Order can be a result of an Interaction and the relationship ensures that the status can be updated back to the requesting Identity using the same engagement

  • Order to Identity (n:1): obtains information from Identity which can be used to validate and manage the approval of the Order

  • Order to Subscription (n:m): enables traceability between the Order and the resulting Subscription; this helps to better understand how the current Subscription state was realized

  • Order to Service Offer (n:1): obtains Service Offer details to initiate recursive Order requests (sub-orders) that may be required to fulfill an Order

  • Order to Change (1:n): used for tracking the Order fulfillment through a Change Management system