Investment Functional Component

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Figure 1. Investment Functional Component Model


The main purpose of the Investment functional component is to manage the portfolio of all authorized investments. It supports the budget cycle (from budget creation, arbitration, and tracking to multi-year Investment planning, fed from the business and technology strategy and structured by the Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps).

The Investment functional component supports the Evaluate value stream.

Functional Criteria

The Investment functional component:

  • Shall be the authoritative source for all investments requested over a given time period

  • Shall manage the entire investment lifecycle

  • Shall receive investment requests for development from the Proposal functional component

  • May receive proposed investments for run and maintain and non-service investments from investment owners

  • Shall assess proposal feasibility for cost, value, etc. and obtain the required approval from Finance

  • Shall communicate the status of the final scoping and investment decisions back to the respective stakeholders