Collaboration & Communication Function

The Collaboration & Communication function supports many other IT4IT Functional Components by enabling optimal collaboration and communication between the various stakeholders and parties within the ecosystem. This includes internal and external collaboration with all parties in the digital ecosystem.

In a modern digital work environment it is essential that all people and teams work together in a transparent way, with a high visibility of work and maximum support from the right collaboration tools. Most of these collaboration tools are part of enterprise-wide collaboration tools (including email, chat, collaboration and communication platforms, etc.).

The Collaboration & Communication function contains various functional components to support for example:

  • Online collaboration (such as Slack™, Cisco WebEx®, Microsoft Teams™, etc.)

  • Email and chat

  • Alerting and notification systems (information stakeholders in cases of critical issues)

This function maintains the different communication channels, involved stakeholders, and their communication preferences. This function needs to be tightly integrated with functional components within the digital enterprise, such as:

  • Publish status updates of new builds, test results, and releases to stakeholders

  • Provide alerting/notification in case of Incidents and support major Incident collaboration

  • Event notification or alerting (for stakeholders to subscribe to relevant Events)

  • Support collaboration between teams to resolve Incidents and Problems