Event Functional Component

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Figure 1. Event Functional Component Model


The Event functional component manages Events through the Event lifecycle for Events that occur on any digital service. The Event lifecycle includes but is not limited to detecting, categorizing, filtering, analyzing, correlating, logging, prioritizing, and closing Events. During the Event lifecycle, some categories of Events can serve as initiators of alerts and/or Incidents, and for diagnostics and remediation activities.

The Event functional component supports the value streams:

Functional Criteria

The Event functional component:

  • Shall be the system of record for all Events

  • Shall manage the state and lifecycle of Events

  • Shall manage the correlation between Events

  • Shall categorize Event data

  • Shall receive Event information from Service Monitors from the Monitoring functional component

  • Shall forward Events categorized as Incidents to the Incident functional component

  • May initiate a Change based on Event data in the Change functional component (e.g., trigger for capacity increase)

  • May send automated remediation (Runbook) to the Diagnostics & Remediation functional component