Test Plan Data Object


The Test Plan data object is a dynamic plan defining the test scope, test coverage, and associated Test Cases to be executed as part of new builds and/or releases. Multiple Test Plans can be created for a Digital Product. The Test Plan ensures that all required Test Cases are executed and verified as part of a Product Release.

Key Attributes

The Test Plan data object shall have the following key data attributes:

  • Id: unique identifier of the Test Plan

  • Name: meaningful name for the Test Plan

  • Description: summary or short description of the Test Plan

  • Status: lifecycle status of the Test Plan

  • Version: version of the Test Plan

  • Test Runs: overview of Test Plan executions

Key Data Object Relationships

The Test Case data object shall maintain the following relationships:

  • Test Case to Test Plan (n:m): one or more Test Cases are related to one or more Test Plans

  • Product Release to Test Plan (n:m): a Product Release can have one or more associated Test Plans

  • Test Plan to Pipeline (n:1): a Test Plan can be associated to and initiated by one Pipeline

  • Test Plan to Test Plan (n:m): a Test Plan can link to another Test Plan (decomposition or relationship)

  • Test Plan to Build Package (n:m): a Test Plan can be created to scan and verify one or more Build Packages (e.g., for software compliance and potential vulnerabilities)