Chargeback Functional Component

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Figure 1. Chargeback Functional Component Model


The Chargeback functional component provides chargeback (or showback) for internal and external services based on Subscription, Service Contract, and/or Usage information.

The Chargeback functional component supports the Consume value stream.

Functional Criteria

The Chargeback functional component:

  • Shall provide cost consumption information at the service level to consumers through the Consumption Experience engagement portal

  • Shall calculate the chargeback (or showback) of consuming/subscribing a service to a subscriber/consumer

  • Can take actual Usage into consideration when calculating the charge of consuming a service

  • Shall consolidate the charges from all subscribed services once Usage is collected for the given billing period

  • Shall send the subscribed service charges to the Product Portfolio functional component for an Actual Product Instance if a Product Portfolio functional component exists

  • Should send a Chargeback Record for approval and an internal reconciliation request to the Finance function if a Finance function (external to IT) exists