Context IV and DPBoK Conclusion

At the time of writing, there is much debate on how to unify the value and insights of team-based Agile development, with the coordination and governance needs of the large enterprise. Thinking in terms of the following is recommended as the digital enterprise experience requires their formalization:

  • Governance

  • Information

  • Architecture

However, it is critical not to lose track of the product vision and value you started with at the outset of our emergence journey. Without fast feedback enabling responsive digital services for the customer, none of the rest of it matters.

Context IV Architectural View

architectural view
Figure 1. Architectural View

As the organization grows to the largest scale and the longest time horizons (forward and backward), additional components are required for architecture, governance/policy, assurance, portfolio management, service brokering, SIAM, and advanced IT financial management. Suggested components at this final context are:

  • Enterprise Architecture Component

  • Policy Component

  • Service Portfolio Component

  • Offer Consumption Component

  • Catalog Consumption Component

  • Chargeback/Showback Component

  • Usage Component

  • Service Level Component

Some of these might arguably appear in earlier phases. Correctly assigning them should be based on empirical research, not anecdote.

Context IV “Architectural View” Learning Objectives

  • Identify the IT4IT components suitable for Context IV

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