Context I Conclusion

Preparing for the state transition to team.

Architectural View

The DPBoK contexts can be represented as subsets of The Open Group IT4IT™ Standard, Version 3.0: A Reference Architecture for Managing Digital (Snapshot) [S220]. The IT4IT Reference Architecture is fully elaborated to support the largest digital delivery organizations, and includes components that are critical from the earliest days of an organization’s evolution. A proposed implementation order for IT4IT Functional Components is mapped onto the DPBoK Standard at the end of each context.

architectural view
Figure 1. Architectural View

In this first context, the automation requirements are minimal but present. The ability to track the state of the digital service across a rudimentary build/run pipeline is essential from the earliest efforts.

The digital nucleus should implement:

  • Source Control Component

  • Build Component

  • Build Package Component

  • Configuration Management Component

There is some ambiguity in the terminology, in that Source Control and Package Management are both forms of Configuration Management in an abstract sense. However, neither of them covers deployment to operational systems; additional capability is required for that.

Context I “Architectural View” Learning Objectives

  • Identify the IT4IT Components suitable for Context I

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