1. (Noun) The work done to keep a system running in a way that meets or exceeds operating parameters specified by a Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

    Description: Operations includes all aspects of a service’s lifecycle: from initial launch to the final decommissioning and everything in between.

    Original Source: The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems, Volume 2, T.A. Limoncelli, S.R. Chalup, and C.J. Hogan, 2014, published by Addison-Wesley Professional

  2. (Noun) The direct facilitation and support of the digital value experience.

    Description: It tends to be less variable, more repeatable, and yet more interrupt-driven than product development work. It is more about restoring a system to a known state, and less about creating new functionality.

    Original Source: Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard | Doc. No. C196