(Noun) The technique of providing summarized or generalized descriptions of detailed and complex content.

Description: Abstraction, as in “level of abstraction”, can also mean providing a focus for analysis that is concerned with a consistent and common level of detail or abstraction. Abstraction in this sense is typically used in architecture to allow a consistent level of definition and understanding to be achieved in each area of the architecture in order to support effective communication and decision-making. It is especially useful when dealing with large and complex architectures as it allows relevant issues to be identified before further detail is attempted.

Examples: A system architecture is an abstraction of a real-world system. (Not part of original definition entry.)

Original Source: TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition | Doc. No. C220

Abstraction Level

(Noun) A way of communicating the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture using different levels by which each level expands on the previous level to expose more details and prescriptive guidance.

Original Source: The Open Group IT4IT™ Standard, Version 3.0: A Reference Architecture for Managing Digital| Doc. No. C221