The Open Group Digital Product-Centric Reference Operating Model (D-PROM) is unique in leveraging a product-centric kernel. This end-to-end product-centric kernel establishes value creation as the foremost priority for digital operations, and permanently shifts organizations and cultures away from silo-oriented operations. To achieve value management at scale, the D-PROM leverages an expanded definition of “Digital Product” and Digital Product lines that operate as semi-autonomous micro-enterprises.

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Figure 1. The Digital Product Centric Reference Operating Model (D-PROM)

The Digital Product Centric Reference Operating Model (D-PROM) describes the Digital Product Centric Reference Operating Model for managing value and risk across digital product lines. The D-PROM is intended to be used as a high-level template for organizations of any size, in any vertical, to develop their own digtal product-centric digital operating model tailored to fit their unique needs. All of the supporting elements of the D-PROM – including strategies and functions, organizational models, funding models, and priorities for tools and processes – are described in the model from the perspective of how they support a product-centric kernel. To help organizations practically enable each element of the D-PROM, short descriptions of a few fit-for-purpose solutions are also included; for example, extended helix organizations and coordinated Centers of Excellence for digital delivery.

Readers may be surprised by the stark contrast of these solutions to traditional technology management practices that relied on strict, hierarchical organizations, command and control style management, and centralized decision-making. Updated models are needed to support the pervasiveness of digital in all aspects of operations, products, and services today. In contrast, the D-PROM broadly decentralizes accountability for value management and aggressively democratizes greater levels of authority and autonomy. In doing so, the D-PROM, by providing an operating structure that prioritizes value creation through management of Digital Products, greatly empowers individuals across the organization.